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Why Does Exist?

Because the buying and installation of replacement windows is an icky, creepy business.  You know that dreaded feeling you get when you shop for used cars? It's like that.

Yes.  I've renovated an entire house top to bottom, literally.  I've done the roof and I've done the foundation.  I've been in crawlspaces at midnight pouring concrete and setting up adjustable columns and cranking up the house with 20 ton housejacks.  I've dealt with all manner of contractors and subcontractors, from electricians to plumbers to foundation guys to structural engineers. 

And I can easily say that the one aspect of home renovation I hated the most was shopping for replacement windows.  Many of the replacement window salespeople are snake oil salesmen.  If you happen to be a replacement window salesperson and you're reading this, I'm not talking about you.  It's all those others I'm talking about (right?).  Don't believe me?  Want to hear a replacement window buying horror story?  I've got a few.  Listen, all I'm trying to do is impart a little experience. 

I Try to Make Some Money From This Site

I began back when I was so naive that I could make some money by people typing "replacement windows" into Google.  Hah--good luck.  Turns out that all the big commercial replacement window companies dominate all the search engine rankings.  As it is, I make some "walking around" money or "Starbucks money" from the site, but not a lot more.

So I Said "Screw It"

Knowing I could never compete with the big dogs, I decided just to keep the site ragged and unprofessional.  I still even use an outdated program, Microsoft Expression Web, to publish this thing.

Who Am I?

I write a home remodeling site as my "day job."  There is no conflict of interest.  I barely even cover replacement windows on that other site.  Here it is:


Contact Me

I am not totally in love with the idea of getting a bunch of e-mail.  But if you have something cool, like a business op or even an interesting question, I'll try my best:


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