Replacement Windows

No need to stress when the window installers come.  You're prepared and know all the facts about replacement windows.  Smart preparation pays off when you can set the installers in motion and let them do their job.

Window Installation Process

1.  Prepare for Installation

The day before the installers arrive, confirm with the window company that installers are arriving the next day.  Bypass the salesperson and speak directly to a scheduler.  That evening, stick a Post-It note next to each window to be replaced, specifying the size and type of window to be installed.  The next day, walk through the house with the foreman while installers unload the truck.  Clarify which windows are being replaced.  Lay out rules you wish the installers to observe, such as whether they may use your restrooms, etc.

2.  Supervise Window Installation Process

As one set of installers removes windows, another group installs new windows.  Make certain that they are using drop-cloths under the windows, both inside and outside.  Don't hover over the workers but make sure you are within earshot if anyone has questions.  By the end of the day, 8-10 windows have been installed, drop-cloths are removed, and work areas swept.  Every window either has an old window or new window--no open or boarded-up windows remain.

3.  Confirm that Window Installation Has Been Done Right

On the second day, while the rest of the new windows are installed, another group shapes and installs aluminum cladding on the outside window trim.  You touch bases with the foreman frequently because this is your last chance to make sure the job is done right.

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